retreat in St. Croix
retreat in St. Croix

If you’re a birth professional who has been practicing for two years or more and are ready to experience a deep release of trauma, connect with amazing women just like you and rediscover the magic of birth then join us for a retreat in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands where you will experience transformative heart-healing and deep rejuvenation.

Sitting on the porch, sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea, you gaze out over the expansive ocean, as it glistens, sending millions of little sparkles your way.

You feel an overwhelming sense of tranquility, like you’re in a wild, untouched paradise. The sounds of waves crashing on the shore and birds chirping in the distance add to the peaceful ambiance.

In front of you stands a magnificent Heritage Tree that grounds you and makes you feel stable. You’re completely immersed in the moment, feeling nothing but pure bliss. This is just the beginning of an exciting day, where adventure and relaxation await you.

retreat in St. Croix
retreat in St. Croix

With each breath you take, you feel yourself being revitalized. The support of the other birth professionals around you reminds you that you’re not alone. As the sun begins to set, you’re treated to a sensory experience like no other.

You soak up every last bit of the warm glow of the setting sun, reveling in the knowing that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be: in paradise.

retreat in St. Croix

What Are You Going to Walk Away With?

So, what can you expect if you spend 7 fabulous days and nights healing AND enjoying yourself on an incredible adventure in St. Croix?

How satisfying would it be waking up feeling ready and excited about your work, without fear of burn out?

During our time together, we will explore your unique stressors, discover new ways to care for yourself and develop targeted self-care measures to help you stay balanced and resilient in the face of crisis.

Wouldn’t it bring a sense of relief if you knew the path to restore the magic of birth and passion for your work?

As we gather in coaching circles and you embrace the incredible, empathic support of other birth professionals, you will experience a profound shift in your approach to birth work. You will gain the clarity and inspiration needed to approach your work with greater depth, creativity and compassion so you will feel inspired to continue in this important work.

retreat in St. Croix
retreat in St. Croix

How amazing would it be if you had a day (or better yet, most days) where you didn’t second guess every decision you make?

On this retreat, through play, trauma-informed yoga, EFT and a basket-weaving activity, you will release tension and stress from your body so you can manage unpredictability with confidence, ease and a renewed sense of inner peace.

Wouldn’t it feel great if you could stop feeling powerless as you witness the dysfunction within the larger maternity care system?

You will have the unique opportunity to engage in mind-body exercises, rituals, and belief releasing practices so that you can tap into your inner power and cultivate greater confidence. You will be better equipped to navigate the current maternity care system and advocate for yourself and your clients.

And after all that, what if you left having a tribe of birth professionals who care about you and want to see you succeed.

retreat in St. Croix

I’m Interested!

The Venue

When you walk through the red doors of the Feather Leaf Inn, you will be greeted with Crucian Hospitality and a Signature Mocktail. The moment you step inside, a sense of tranquility washes over you, as if you have entered a different world altogether. You close your eyes and let the sounds of nature envelop you – the melodious chirping of tropical birds, the gentle hum of insects, and the distant crashing of waves, all blending together in a symphony of serenity.

You’ll find your room a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Here you’ll feel the gentle ocean breeze flowing through the open windows, rustling the curtains and creating a tranquil ambiance.

As you are settling into your surroundings, you experience the weight of the outside world slipping away. Here, you will experience escape from the hustle, bustle, and stressors of daily life. Here you will fully immerse yourself in the present moment, inhaling the peaceful setting and allowing your mind and body relaxation.

With a gentle click, you will silence your phone, freeing yourself from constant interruptions and demands. You will feel the weight of its presence lifting from your shoulders, and you will revel in the freedom of being fully present in the moment.

From this fresh vantage point, you’ll enjoy either the panoramic view of the gardens or the endless expanse of the ocean, both inviting introspection and a deep sense of peace.

In this space, healing energies permeate the air and fill your soul with nurturing energy and inspiration. You are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth by awakening your senses and nourishing your spirit.

You are Speaking to My Heart!

The Cuisine

After a day filled with adventure, you’ll settle down to a sumptuous plant-based meal designed to nourish both your body and soul. A dazzling array of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with delectable breads and an infusion of cuisines, will tantalize your taste buds.

Whatever dish you choose, your plate will be a work of art, with a vibrant and colorful medley of ingredients.

As you dine in the company of your fellow participants, you’ll engage in lively conversation and enjoy each other’s company. You will leave feeling deeply satisfied and nourished in mind, body, and spirit.

Your meals are being prepared by Chef Niki, a talented vegan chef whose focus is on nutrition, delicious flavors and serving a variety of cuisines. She is a private vegan chef of doctors on the islands in addition to working as the head chef for the Feather Leaf Inn.

The rich tapestry of flavors on St. Croix is a testament to its unique history, with influences from seven different countries beautifully interwoven into the island’s culinary heritage.

As you arrive at the table for a memorable dinner, you will find a tantalizing masterpiece awaiting you. A plump, succulent sweet potato takes center stage, freshly harvested from the retreat center’s fertile gardens.

Delving into the stuffed sweet potato, your taste buds will feel the warmth and robustness of the black bean chili. The velvety texture of the saffron-infused rice mingles harmoniously, complementing the earthiness of the sweet potato. The medley of flavors will continue evolving with the addition of tender corn bringing a burst of freshness to the ensemble. A drizzle of vibrant poblano sauce dances across your palate, imparting a subtle smokiness balancing the dish beautifully. Creamy guacamole, a staple of the region, will add a creamy richness, while pico de gallo, with its vibrant colors and zesty notes, will provide the perfect finishing touch.

Rising from the table, you will experience a profound sense of nourishment envelop you, both physically and emotionally. The loving attention that will go into preparing your meal will have you feeling not only satisfied in body but also nurtured and cared for in spirit. Sharing a meal will become a moment of connection, a celebration of togetherness and community. Engaging in stimulating discussions will leave your mind invigorated and alert. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll know the opportunity before you is just what you’ve been waiting for!

If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences, please do not hesitate to inform us so that Chef Niki can tailor your meals to meet your specific needs.

Our Journey

Our days will be spent enjoying the amazing beauty surrounding you. Through activities that help you release trauma, discover yourself and connect with your sisters, you will find the grounding and the energy you have been searching for.

Every activity has been carefully selected to support the goals of releasing trauma, reducing burnout and helping you unleash your wild, beautiful magic into the Universe to heal birth.

Every day is centered around a specific theme, with engaging discussions and activities meticulously crafted to foster growth and development in that area.

Day 1: Self-Care & Stress Management

Today is your arrival day to the island and we are delighted you are here! We want you to celebrate the investment you have made in yourself through a celebration dinner and getting to know one another. We will end our evening with a Welcoming Circle and an activity to support reducing your overall stress and tension.

Day 2: Building Community

Today, our shared intention is to foster connections and cultivate a nurturing community. Our hosts will guide us through the retreat center, acquainting us with its tranquil surroundings and offering insights into the amenities it provides. In the morning, we will engage in meditative practices, allowing us to center ourselves and deepen our self-awareness. The afternoon will bring a sense of adventure as we embark on the journey of learning to snorkel. As the day winds down, we will come together in a harmonious sharing circle, creating a safe space to express ourselves authentically and listen with compassion. The evening will culminate with a serene meditation.

Day 3: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs & Rising Above

Today, we embark on a transformative journey, confronting and transcending limiting beliefs through immersive activities that engage our minds, bodies, and spirits. Through introspection, physical engagement, and spiritual practices, we unlock our inner strength, broaden perspectives, and cultivate profound growth.

Day 4: Letting Go of Negative Thought Patterns

Today is a day of profound self-reflection and empowerment as we shift our focus towards identifying the beliefs that hinder our progress towards reaching our fullest potential. Engaging in transformative activities, we will courageously release these limiting beliefs and consciously choose new empowering beliefs that nurture our growth and ignite the spark of magic in our lives. As the day progresses, we invite you to embark on a breathtaking sunset cruise with Lyric Sails, where the beauty of nature will further inspire and uplift our spirits. However, should you prefer not to partake in the cruise, we offer individual coaching sessions tailored to support your personal growth journey.

Day 5: Resilience

Today, we embark on a transformative adventure that draws inspiration from nature’s resilience. We will witness how nature adapts and thrives when there is oppression. Through the day, we will engage in meaningful discussions about resilience. Tonight, a special and exhilarating experience awaits us as we partake in night snorkeling with our host, an opportunity to conquer fears, embrace the unknown, and engage in new activities that stretch our comfort zones.

Day 6: Self-Care & Stress Management

Today is dedicated to the essential practice of self-care and equipping ourselves with valuable tools for managing stress. We prioritize the creation of personalized self-care plans, ensuring we cultivate habits that promote well-being and resilience. Throughout the day, we embrace rejuvenation, offering opportunities for massages, moments of relaxation, or the chance to immerse ourselves in the soothing embrace of the beach. It is a day of nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits, empowering ourselves with practices that enhance our overall well-being and equip us to navigate life’s challenges with grace and balance.

Day 7: Intention Setting & Good-Byes

As our transformative journey draws to a close, today is dedicated to reflection, intention-setting, and the transition back to our homes. We begin the day by savoring a delicious breakfast, nourishing our bodies and minds for the day ahead. In our final sharing circle, we come together to share our profound insights, lessons learned, and personal growth experienced during our time together, solidifying our intentions for lasting change as we reintegrate into our daily lives. Following the circle, there will be ample time to exchange contact information before collecting our packed lunches to sustain us on our journey. Finally, we make our way to the airport, cherishing the memories, connections, and newfound wisdom as we embark on our flights home, carrying the transformative energy of this experience with us, ready to embrace the world with renewed perspective and purpose.


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Arriving at the shore, you will notice clear bottom kayaks awaiting you. You’ll be choosing a partner who will be taking this journey with you. Your heart will be beating with excitement, maybe you will even have a moment of wondering if you can do this. You will be surrounding yourself with fellow professionals and guides who will be supporting you. You will be kayaking to the captivating Mangrove Forest and Bioluminescent Bay.


You will traverse the labyrinth’s intricate patterns, your mind will begin to quiet, and a deep sense of calm will envelop you. You will notice how the repetitive motion of walking will become a meditative rhythm, synchronizing with your breath and allowing your thoughts to settle. Your worries and burdens will begin to dissipate, and you are replacing them with a growing clarity and inner peace.


You will be arriving to the pier at night where you will experience a completely different view of sea life than during the day. You’ll be enchanted by the sheer beauty of this aquatic paradise, teeming with a diverse array of fish and marine life.


Arriving at Hamms Bluff, you will be greeted by the remnants of a once-grand lighthouse. In this setting, you will be engaging in a thought-provoking discussion on a topic of great importance – the state of maternity care in the United States. Sharing insights, personal experiences, and perspectives, we will collectively explore the challenges, triumphs, and opportunities for improvement within the realm of maternal health.

Heritage Tree

Sitting under the Heritage Tree, you will be enveloped by a sense of peace and stability. You will feel the worries and stresses of the outside world fade away, replacing these with a profound sense of connection to the natural world and a feeling of being rooted in something greater than yourself.


As the morning sun rises, you’ll arrive to the yoga room. Your instructor begins by guiding you through a series of gentle movements, encouraging you to connect with your breath and becoming fully present in the moment. With each inhale and exhale, you will be feeling a sense of release and surrender, letting go of any tension or worries that are lingering within you.


Immersing yourself in the captivating world of basket-weaving, a timeless craft that blends meditation, creativity, and a deep connection to nature, you find yourself focused and at peace. Engaging in this transformative experience under the expert guidance of a talented local resident, you will be weaving a beautiful and meaningful basket to cherish as a memento of your journey. And all through your journey, our photographer will be capturing your experiences!

Tell me where to register!


It’s time to put an end to the burnout, overwhelm, and powerlessness.

The Take Away:  Less Stress and More Joy

Often, we find ourselves giving so much as birth workers, mothers, and community members that we become depleted, disappointed, and left wondering if there’s more.

As you experience release and resilience in St Croix, you will:

  • Develop a more intentional and impactful approach to your work so you can focus on providing the best possible service to your clients.
  • Tap into and expand your knowledge to inspire, motivate and encourage growth and positive change so you can support clients in implementing healthy behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Experience a feeling of authenticity as you engage in guided exercises to gain clarity and purpose and create intentional choices that allow you to break free from behaviors and thoughts that increase your vulnerability to burnout.
  • Implement a holistic approach to stress management and experience greater inner peace and overall well-being.
It’s essential to prioritize your replenishment and rejuvenation. Your invaluable work not only heals and supports families but also serves as a mentorship for future generations of birth workers who greatly benefit from your inspiration, stories, and guidance.

If you’ve been yearning for a break, a chance to slow down, or a moment to disconnect from the triggers and demands of your profession, now is the perfect opportunity. Stepping away from daily challenges, reconnecting with yourself, and addressing burnout, you can elevate your performance in your multiple roles and cultivate a more positive perception and outlook on your important work.

You had me at Beach Retreat!


  • A Clarity Call: 20 minutes of 1:1 time with Jamie so she can get to know you personally and optimally support you on your journey
  • Join Us for a Pre-Trip Call to Prepare Your Mind, Body & Spirit for Healing & Rejuvenation
  • A VIP FB Group for Retreat Members to Share Updates, Connect & Receive Support
  • A Post-Retreat Call to Share Our Experiences, Photos and Stay Connected
  • A Summary Call: 20 minutes of 1:1 time to help you personally with the next steps towards preventing and/or healing burnout

The Location

Why St. Croix?

St. Croix has a rich and complex history, full of oppression and challenges. Yet, despite this, the island continues to thrive, welcoming visitors with its breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality. In many ways, the island’s story is analogous to the experience of birth work. We face numerous obstacles and challenges, yet we continue to persevere and serve families with compassion and dedication.

As you explore the island, you’ll encounter the Mangrove tree, a symbol of resilience and strength. These remarkable trees have adapted to thrive in harsh environments, growing in salty water, mud, sand, and even coral and rocks. They’ve learned to withstand the daily flooding of the tides and remain standing tall in the face of adversity.

What’s Included

  • Hospitality-filled accommodations –single or double occupancy for six nights
  • Taxi Service To/From the Airport
  • Three chef-prepared, vegetarian meals prepared daily by Chef Niki
  • Activity and Transportation Fees for all group activities are covered
  • Yoga classes for 4 of the 7 days are included
  • Coaching Circles to practice new skills and tools
  • Sharing Circles to connect, share and grow

What’s Not Included

  • Your Round-Trip Airfare from home
  • Massages from a Trauma-Informed Massage Therapist will be available for booking on arrival
  • Check with your cell phone carrier as additional charges may apply and these would be your responsibility
  • Personal, Medical or Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Souvenirs
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Soda are not included
  • Additional Activities & Transportation

This Journey is Totally for You If…

  • You are longing for experiences that inspire you, rejuvenate your sense of wonder and change your life
  • You have been a birth professional for two or more years
  • You have felt powerless while supporting your clients
  • You are done with settling and accepting the way things are
  • You want to release the stress and tension that have accumulated in your soul and your body
  • You crave adventure and the opportunity to create your tribe

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then this rejuvenating, healing retreat was created especially for you…

… that’s why you’re going to love From Burned Out to Bountiful

It’s 7 days of adventure, delicious food, culture, spirituality, giving back… and FUN–something birth workers desperately need and often neglect.

This carefully curated experience was designed for YOU combining the ultimate tools in healing burnout and rejuvenating travel adventure that will create a lifetime memory.

So why wait? Join us on this journey and rediscover your passion for birth work, connect with a supportive community, and reignite your light. This retreat is a unique opportunity to take care of yourself and come back stronger and more inspired than ever before. We can’t wait to welcome you to St. Croix!

I’m Ready for St. Croix!!

Your Host

Hi! My name is Jamie Bodily. Here’s my journey…

Like many of you, I have worked in the birth field for many years. I have witnessed the challenges that my clients have faced in advocating for their birth choices, the mistreatment of clients and experiencing a feeling of powerlessness. I entered this work after a personal difficult birth experience and then an empowering, supported experience with a doula. I was inspired to create positive birth experiences for other women.

With time, I became discouraged and disheartened as I recognized the shortcomings of the system and how difficult it was for women to truly connect with their body, their baby and their intuition. More than once in 22 years of working as a birth professional, I’ve hit the point of burnout.

The journey of healing began for me when I let go of the blame and shame associated with experiencing burnout. I acknowledged that it was a common struggle among birth professionals and not a personal failing. Although I may not have handled it perfectly, this realization allowed me to start taking steps towards recovery.

Unfortunately, my doula training did not provide any information on burnout, compassion fatigue, or vicarious trauma. I was ill-prepared for these aspects of the job, which further exacerbated the stress and strain. Even during my time as a counseling student, the education I received on these vital topics was minimal, lacking a comprehensive plan or pathway for preventing and healing from burnout. The impact of burnout extended beyond just myself; it also affected my family and my clients.

As I’ve researched, experienced and listened to the wisdom of others, I have recognized the importance of an integrative approach to healing. I am committed to helping you find a path forward. I want to equip you with the tools I have learned and utilized to overcome burnout and cultivate a healthier and more harmonious life.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Birth & Postpartum DoulaI am committed to creating a community that prioritizes well-being and ensures that those who support others during the birthing process are nurtured and supported. I will be your facilitator as you work towards healing and rejuvenation. I can’t wait to fill your life with amazing, life-changing adventures, engaging discussions, self-discovery and rapid healing from trauma & burn-out.

In addition to myself, your retreat owners, local professionals and your colleagues will help to ensure your retreat is exceptional!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport?

No. St. Croix is a part of the US Virgin Islands and is a territory of the United States. You also do NOT need a Real-ID to travel.

Where do I fly into?

You will be flying into Henry E. Rohlsen Airport. Our travel agency will help you to make the most efficient and cost-effective travel arrangements.

Is there transportation from the airport to the retreat center?

Transportation to/from the airport and the retreat center is covered.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?


What is the weather like?

In March, temperatures are in the 80’s with little rainfall.

What do I pack?

Pack comfortable clothes for warm weather–sundresses, shorts, etc. Bring swimsuits as we have lots of fun water activities planned. Bring your water bottle! Once you register, we will send you a complete packing list.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, our travel agency will assist you in purchasing travel insurance to cover any unexpected challenges.

What currency is used?

The US Dollar is the currency in St. Croix.

How much extra money should I bring?

This will depend on the extra activities, souvenir shopping and extra goodies (like food or beverages) you wish to purchase. We will provide you with a list of extra activities to consider upon request.

All your group activities, transportation and all meals are included.

Is it safe to travel to St. Croix?

Yes. It is safe to travel to St. Croix. The areas of Christiansted and Frederiksted areas are safe, and tourists find the beaches, piers and hotel areas to be safe and enjoyable.

Can I bring my partner or children?

No. This trip is a unique opportunity for you to focus on your personal and professional growth. Rarely do we have the opportunity for true solitude, introspection and connection to nature. We want you to be able to savor every moment and come home renewed and reinvigorated.

Am I going to come back with a new certification?

No.  The purpose of this retreat to help create a healing space for experienced birth professionals feeling burned out, experiencing compassion fatigue or secondary trauma.  We are integrating habits and ways of being that support renewal and rejuvenation.  You may learn or enhance skill sets that support healing and growth, but the true goal of this retreat is renewal.

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